With her earthy acoustics, dark melodies, and rich vocals, singer-songwriter Liat has been captivating live audiences for over fifteen years.  

After years of performing in the pulsing cities of Philadelphia and New York, Liat moved to Colorado, where she drew inspiration from the folk music of the mountains. Her music evokes her itinerant life and Israeli-American heritage— 90s’ pop-rock meets 60s’ folk with glints of Middle Eastern desert soundscapes. She spins guitar acoustics with her powerhouse vocals for lyrical “dark folk” sounds that linger long after a performance.

Liat’s poetic lyrics reflect her connection to the Earth Mother. She often writes in the woods, crafting songs that capture the light and the dark side of the human experience. Her single “Lady” draws on imagery of the seasons for a sweet and mournful reflection on feminine energy and women’s role as caretakers of the Earth. Her lyrics may tug at your subconscious, but any melancholy will be drowned out by her upbeat guitar picking and vibrant vibrato vocals. For Liat, not only can the light and the dark co-exist, they can be woven together into one magical song. 

Private Events / Weddings

Would you like LIAT at your private event? She does acoustic solo events. She will play her own originals plus any song you wish to hear. Want Liat at your wedding? She is currently booking cocktail hours and ceremonies. Please go to her contact page to speak with her directly. She looks forward to hearing from you!